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    Luminescent metal complexes immobilized in silica nanoparticles will be synthesized and studied. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (m-SiNPs) and its amine-functionalized form are to be synthesized and characterized. Series of Luminescent metal complexes of Ru(II), Re(I), Ir(III) and Cr(III) with a variety of bipyridyl and terpyridyl ligands are to be sensitized and characterized. Photophysical properties of these metal complexes will be studied in aqueous and nonaqueous media. Immobilization of these metal complexes in m-SiNPs and NH3-m-SiNPs are to be carried out. Photophysical properties of these fabricated systems are to be studied as well. Excited state decay processes will be followed in the free and bounded state to study the effect of immobilization on the excited state lifetime of the metal complexes. Quenching of the excited state of the free and bounded metal complexes are to be studied. Efficiency of these systems as singlet oxygen photosensitizers will be studied. Structural dependence on the observed photophysical properties, singlet oxygen quantum yield and efficiency of cyanide removal are to be correlated. Efficiency of these systems for cyanide removal from aqueous media will be examined.

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    Ayman Ayoub Abdel-Shafi

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    Faculty of Science

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    STDF Basic & Applied Research Grants (STDF-BARG)

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