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    Cement is considered as a logistic product. However, the cement industry is an environmental hazardous one. Studies refer to the possibility of using different types of geopolymers as binding materials. The main disadvantage of using the geopolymers as binding materials is the demand addition of liquid basic activator – such as NaOH – to enhance the geo-polymerization. Such addition would cause hazardous environmental impact at the working environment.


    This proposal aims at studying the characteristics of One-Part Metakaolin Geopolymers (OPMKG) that are resulting from calcination of (kaolin + solid activator) mixes. The calcination would be achieved by three ways:

    • Calcination of mixes at a bench-scale muffle (resistant heating).
    • Calcination of mixes at a rotary muffle (resistant heating).
    • Calcination of mixes at a microwave muffle (microwave heating)
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    Mohamed Kohail

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    STDF Basic & Applied Research Grants (STDF-BARG)

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