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    Consistently with the global transformations that higher education in general (and higher education in the engineering sector in particular) which is witnessing in the shift from teaching to learning and its implications in academic programs and the nature of services it provides, developments in means of communication and communication through electronic platforms and changes in the role of the faculty member as Facilitating the educational process and viewing the student as the focus of the educational process and being the main seeker of information. Faculty of Engineering in Ain Sham University seeks to adopt a corresponding shift in the teaching and learning systems and methodologies applied in the its programs in light of local developments and international accreditation standards so as to increase the chances of the Egyptian graduate in the regional and international labor markets, and to facilitate the movement of students between universities in countries of the world.

    The project is mainly distinguished by the fact that it pushes the college to work as a house of expertise to contribute to the processes of developing engineering education and training the target groups of the corresponding engineering colleges through several outputs, the most important of which are; Developing a diploma that qualifies for teaching in the engineering field after studying the best practices of similar diplomas, and working on developing a clear structure for the diploma and reviewing it by specialists.

    The project will work on building strategic partnerships with similar centers in internationally ranked universities and concluding effective international protocols and agreements with positive returns in the educational, research and service fields (student exchange projects / faculty members - distinguished training programs - ..... etc).

    To keep pace with technological developments in the educational process, the priority will be to modernize the infrastructure to match the blended education and modern methodologies by establishing smart lecture studios that allow enabling an interactive educational experience, increasing participation and cooperation while enhancing creativity and learning during the study of different curricula, virtual laboratories to provide students with the outcome of the experiment with one The following methods (or perhaps a combination) modeling the physical phenomenon through a set of equations and implementing simulations to obtain the result of a specific experiment, in addition to equipping lecture halls equipped with remote communication tools where students need a space to complete exams, an office space for trainers, and a space to sit and take their courses Online training. This will be done after conducting a study to determine the actual needs of the hypothetical halls and laboratories, their number and the devices required in them, in addition to training a specialized team from the faculty, the assisting body and IT to deal with the devices and issuing guides for ways to deal with the devices available in the place to preserve them.

    One of the most important objectives of the project is to conduct applied research on the effectiveness of different teaching and learning methods that are developed before they are adopted as new methods in engineering education and their suitability for the Egyptian student, and applied research in response to the real problems that educational institutions suffer from in terms of engineering education and to provide innovative non-traditional solutions to confront These problems, and this will be done through the work of reports measuring the gap in the field of engineering education, research on the requirements of contemporary systems in the engineering sectors, and workshops to discuss the feasibility and ways of applying contemporary systems within the college.

    The level of development will extend to both capacity building and the development of the engineering programs themselves. With regard to capacity building, the Center of Excellence will provide a package of training programs, workshops and training courses to qualify faculty members and the assisting body to use advanced teaching and learning methodologies in the field of engineering education. Mentoring will be made on preparing the necessary infrastructure for training courses, and designing opinion questionnaires for beneficiaries to measure the training outcomes that benefit With the consent of the service users. As for administrative services, the project aims to raise students ’satisfaction with the various administrative services provided through the college’s administrations through a package of training programs to focus on developing the administrative skills of those working in the administration, and holding periodic meetings with students and administrators to discuss the most important problems, in addition to digitizing student services And the issuance of a smart application that enables students to access various services.

    With regard to educational programs, the center aims to prepare engineering programs that are in line with the strategy of developing higher education programs to align the new and most common jobs up to 2050 and the reference framework for preparing engineering programs in the Faculties of Engineering issued in 2020 and Egypt Vision 2030, and to set clear indicators to achieve the goals of education and scientific research in the faculty within the framework of Egypt Vision 2030. In addition to preparing a developed regulation for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels that includes the integration of distance courses from internationally ranked universities in the engineering sector into the college programs, and this is followed by designing student questionnaires to measure the outcomes of these courses.

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    Samy Mohamed Zaky Afifi

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Ministry of Higher Education (PMU)

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    Excellence of Higher Education Institutions

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