• Summary

    Project GEB is a collaborative capacity building project delivered by a consortium of European and Egyptian Universities. The project builds the capacity in a new environmentally friendly energy era exploited from the Egyptian territories. GEB will create the first wave of Egyptian students and entrepreneurs able to secure jobs, and open businesses, to harness the under-utilized geothermal resources available in Egypt. GEB has two main major milestones. The first is to build the capacity of the Egyptian HEIs partners (academic staff and laboratories) in the field of geothermal energy. The second is to develop the first graduate diploma of geothermal energy engineering in Egypt based on the European standards. The main objective of this diploma is supplying the local market with its demand of qualified engineers/graduates in the field of geothermal energy investigation, systems design, and project management with available technologies customized to the different applications of geothermal energy in the national circumstances. The project activities aim at raising the level of awareness of the community and decision makers to the geothermal energy potentials in Egypt.

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    Amr Elbanhawy

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Center for Sound, Vibration and Smart Structures

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  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    • 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
    • 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
    • 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
    • 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
    • 13: Climate Action
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