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    This research project aims at developing a technology-based solution for urban governance using advanced techniques such as deep learning of urban systems using spatial and demographic data as well as other economic and tabular data. This solution would be developed as an Artificial Intelligent dynamic system that should help authorities to decide on relevant interventions in unplanned areas with rightful involvement in the financial model given the nature of these areas as mainly being privately owned. Furthermore, the research project would respect the Sustainability Pillars of urban, socio-economic, and environmental Aspects. It also adopts a Realistic and practical approach in which financial and legal factors of development are a fundamental part of the solution. Urban Governance of the resulting community is thus a sophisticated Urban Management system in which all actors are represented, consulted, and purposefully having access to view, modify and add to this system.

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    • Galala University
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    Mostafa Refat Ahmed

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Center of Scientific Excellence

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