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    The research team aims at producing high quality treated water by applying an innovative and sustainable treatment process. The proposed alternative is treating industrial wastewater using innovative techniques and new adsorbents to overcome the high capital and operational costs, large footprint and huge energy consumption in the conventional treatment procedures from one side and to mitigate the environmental and health impacts from the other side in a sustainable manner. Based on the established pilot scale and the achieved results, the research team will design and improve its pilot-scale system to be a new integrated system for advanced industrial wastewater treatment using innovative processes and new lowcost adsorbents. The proposed research will be investigating the ability of the proposed system design to fulfill the industrial sectors needs in terms of: 1) Compact design, 2) Sustainable design: The possibility of effluent reuse as water fertilizer in irrigation purposes and the possibility of using produced sludge as a soil conditioner in land reclamation., and 3) Minimal usage of energy and raw materials. The Egypt Solid Waste Management Center of Excellence (ESWMC) is a leading environmental center of excellence in the country founded by Dr. Sherien Elagroudy (PI) at Ain Shams University in 2018. The ESWMC is conducting various environmental research work at a high level to tackle the emerging environmental challenges facing Egypt, such as water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and air pollution. The center works closely with different academic and industrial partnerƐ ƚo proǀide capaciƚLJ bƵilding programƐ for ƚhe coƵnƚrLJ͛Ɛ young researchers and to ensure that ƚhe Cenƚer͛Ɛ innoǀaƚionƐ are applied͘ The center will be the hub of the proposed project since it is already equipped with laboratories, experimental facilities, and a reclaimed land for research. The center in cooperation with the faculty of agricultural of Ain Shams University will study the viability of using the treated effluents in cultivating certain crops.

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    Shereen Ali El-Agroody

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Egypt Solid Waste Management Center of Excellence

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    United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

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