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    The proposed project is multifaceted and will play a role in upgrading the Research Center for Acoustics Vibration and Smart Structures on several levels; directly and immediately, through the development of advanced techniques for research and consultation work in acoustics and vibrations; and indirectly, through educating the next generation of the undergraduate students. In this proposal, it is suggested to upgrade the equipment for the vibration and acoustics measurements to be effective as

    following ● New controller for the vibration measurement by the shaker and new accelerometers for the measurements.

    High-capacity data acquisition systems for acoustics measurements in the anechoic and reverberation facilities and for the condition monitoring of the noisy machinery to detect the defects that cause structure borne noise.

    The proposed advancement will be very useful in the vibration measurements of structures and allow for better understanding of the dynamic behavior of them in research or consultations, either. The proposed acoustical measurements systems will allow for better tracking of the noisy sources during the testing and help in finding proper solutions for the reasons. It allows for inspection in various fields such as oil and gas systems, pressure vessel hydro testing, gearbox troubleshooting, buried pipe leakage inspection and renewable energy systems structure inspection. The strands of work needed to achieve this impact have been arranged into five work packages (WPs), which will be explained below.

    ● Work Package 1 encompasses project management, administration, outputs, and quality control. This WP will ensure effective collaboration and that project deliverables are met. Specific details of this WP will be explained later in this proposal, in the relevant fields

    . ● Work Package 2 is about upgrading the vibration and acoustics equipment and purchasing new equipment for vibration and acoustic emission work.

    ● Work Package 3 is about training the technicians and engineers on using the new technologies. The trainings are planned to be in prestigious academic places abroad and in the Centre in Egypt.

    ● Work Package 4 is about developing advanced experiments to be used in vibration and acoustics curricula.

    ● Work package 5 is about marketing and dissemination of the center activities within the industrial and academic communities

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    Tamer Elnady

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Center for Sound, Vibration and Smart Structures

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    Center of Scientific Excellence

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    • 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    • 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
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