• Summary

    This research aims to propose and test the feasibility of adding organic and inorganic PCMs and insulation 
    materials to new and existing buildings as well as proposing a draft of a standard to evaluate their energy 
    performance and environmental impact. The retrofitting methods and proposed changes in design would 
    help the industry and the market to achieve the desirable thermal comfort with lower energy consumption, 
    GHG emissions and environmental impact.
    The impact of using various types of insulation and PCMs on the building air-conditioning system will be 
    evaluated through the following parameters:
    • Thermal properties of the building materials like thermal conductivity and heat capacity
    • The change in the peak cooling load
    • Peak hour shifting
    • The amount and rate of heat transfer through the building materials
    • The heat transfer coefficients on the interior and exterior sides of the building
    • The reduction in Greenhouse Gases Emissions (GHGs)
    • The energy consumption of the air-conditioning system

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    Amr Abdelrahman

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    Faculty of Engineering

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    United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

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    Development Innovation Ventures

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